ESM Console Redesign

ESM Console is one of Arcsight's desktop applications.
ESM Console looked a bit old and outdated which affected its "curb appeal" to potential customers.
My only instruction from management was to make it look "better."
Part of the project was to develop and light and dark themes. Light theme was designed first.
The dark theme helps reduce eye strain in darker environments like in a Security Operations Center (SOC).

Before - Dated Windows 3D Look

"Before" screen showing detail of existing gradients, bevels and shadows.

Begin "Deconstruct" Phase

Start to remove gradients, borders and shadows. Begin to flatten menu and toolbar.

Getting Closer To Final Design

Gradients, borders and shadows have been removed.

Light Theme As Released

Screen capture of the application as released.

Dark Theme As Released

Dark Theme was based on the light theme design. Icons and assets needed to be changed as part of the redesign.
Screen capture of the application as released.